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Finding financial wellness support

Finding financial wellness support

Sometimes it feels impossible to get the resources you need to navigate your personal finances. Especially in this noisy marketplace, it can be daunting and overwhelming to know who to trust about something as sensitive as your money.

That’s why the Foundation for Financial Wellness has developed a proven process to improve financial wellness long-term and made it accessible to people from all walks of life: The Financial Operating System™.

“I’ve been there too. But no one should struggle to get the tools they need to achieve their financial goals.”

Brent Hines

Step 1

Our experts will help you identify and unpack your core values in life to serve as the anchor for building your personalized path to long-term financial well-being.

Step 2

We ensure you do more than just financially survive your life. Instead, we help you explore your greatest vision of financially thriving and align your values to your goals.

Step 3

Transform your relationship with money by breaking down subconscious or limiting beliefs with the guidance of our experts.

Step 4

Align your financial behaviors with your values and vision by taking purpose-driven, healthy financial action. Learn how using FFW’s Financial Wellness Portal and expert 1:1 counseling.

Step 5

Armed with your personalized financial plan, value and vision alignment, and access to expert resources, you can start practicing a life of financial well-being every day.

Financial well-being is more than what’s in your wallet

Say goodbye to the sinking feeling of getting a bill or the anxiety at checking your bank account. The Financial Operating System™ helps you build and maintain financial security so money is never the biggest stressor in your life

Never let money be what holds you back again. Whether you’re looking to pay for college or travel the world, FFW helps you build the financial foundation you need to make the best decisions you can.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Discover opportunities you’ve never dreamed of before on your journey through the FFW process and take your life to new heights.

Financial well-being is more than what’s in your wallet
Take Comfort in Financial Security

Premium Subscription

Enroll in our Premium Subscription to access the full-scope of offerings in the The Financial Operating System™:

Financial Wellness Portal$300
Personal Financial Assessment & Summary$250
1:1 Private Counseling$250
Interactive, Video-based Learning$1,200
Live Private Events$600
Gamification, Quizzes, Exams$150
Dynamic Communication Specific for YOU$150
FFW Full Resource Library$1,000
Robust Reporting & Accountability$150
FFW Approved Provider Marketplace$2,500

Core Membership: Free!

Not looking for the full, personalized financial wellness experience? Our free Core Subscription offers limited access to parts of the FFW Education Content Library.

Enroll in the free subscription today to start taking your financial wellness to the next level.

Explore insights into creating financial well-being

Written by our Founder Brent Hines, this blog post explores how financial wellness often looks different than what the media and pop culture tell us.

The truth is, financial well-being isn’t about driving a flashy car or a certain number in your bank account. Rather, it’s about understanding your values and vision in life and aligning your financial behaviors to achieving them. Take a peek at this article to learn how.