Strengthen your bottom line with our financial wellness model

The Foundation for Financial Wellness is your preferred partner for employee support resources

Strengthen your bottom line with our financial wellness model

The system you’ve been searching for

Despite business leaders wanting to champion their employees’ financial well-being, many are left feeling stuck wondering how. The battle to understand how to do it effectively, on a reasonable budget, without putting more strain on limited internal resources can prevent these organizations from ever yielding the benefits of employer-sponsored financial wellness.

Sound familiar? Then we’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for. Follow along to learn about our proven Financial Operating System™ and how we help employers leverage this proven model.

We know what works — and we want to share it with you

As the creator of the industry changing Financial Operating System™, the Foundation for Financial Wellness has a proven track record of helping people at every age and stage of life — and we want to share it with you.

We’d love to help you design and implement a program tailored for you and your community’s needs. Begin by leveraging our free resources or investing in a turn-key custom program that we deliver for you, or anything in between. We’re all about outcomes and want to be your go-to partner on this important journey.

Save a lot

by spending a little on financial wellness

Stress is known to negatively impact health. Each financially stressed employee costs an average of $413 more in healthcare each year.  

Shrink your healthcare costs by supporting employees’ financial wellness journeys. 

Financially stressed employees lose an average of 13 hours/week in productivity.

Instead, investing in employee financial wellness improves workplace productivity and limits wasted wages.

Over 96% of employees think their financial wellness is their employer’s responsibility.

Improve employee engagement with financial wellness programing that increases employee satisfaction, lowers employee turnover, increases benefits utilization, and more.

Save a lot by spending a little on financial wellness
Improve Employee Productivity

How does it work?

Partnering with the Foundation for Financial Wellness provides a full set of tools that has not previously been available in the marketplace. Take advantage of your ability to install a full financial wellness program, or if you only need a limited amount of what we offer, that’s great too. This is about solving your needs and generating the results that matter most to you.

Enhance employee engagement
  • Association Membership
  • Financial Wellness Portal
  • 1:1 Private Counseling
  • Worksite Classes
  • Custom Employee Programs
  • Custom, Robust and Automated Reporting
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Financial Wellness Certifications
  • Tools and Workbooks
  • Content Licensing
  • Custom Training
  • Research and Resources
  • Access to our Team and Community
  • Troubleshooting and Support

There’s no reason to delay

Your employees and your organization deserve the benefits effective financial wellness programs provide. 

Compared to the other investments you make in your business, the low-cost and enormous benefits of our financial wellness model should make partnering with the Foundation for Financial Wellness a no-brainer.

Meet our Founder, Brent Hines

Brent Hines is an international speaker, financial wellbeing expert, and Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Foundation for Financial Wellness. With over 24 years of unwavering dedication to the finance industry, he has emerged as a trailblazer, advocating for improved financial literacy and empowerment.