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Life can be stressful, especially when it comes to finances. Regardless of the age or stage in life - just starting out, struggling to get out of debt, growing investments, or designing a legacy for the next generation - financial well-being is a meaningful goal.

Being financially well is a source of power, contentment, and peace. It’s also a mindset that allows one to serve others more thoroughly and comprehensively. Financial well-being is good for oneself and those around them - their family, employer, faith groups, community, and world.

Financial wellness and financial education are two very different things. The formula for success is more than having the book smarts, facts, or figures. Financial wellness is based on behavioral science, psychology, and the neuroscience of improving the odds of successful results.

Whether you are an individual, an employer, a financial wellness professional, or a potential channel partner, we’re glad you’re here and hope you take full advantage of all we have to share!
FINANCIAL WELLNESS is the management of your relationship with money. But more importantly you have to learn how to deal with habits and behaviors before we tackle budgets and spread sheets. The FOUNDATION FOR FINANCIAL WELLNESS wants to set you up for success, while removing the number one stressor in most people’s lives: MONEY. So let’s start the journey to changing lives by changing how we relate to our finances.


Acquire the tools to make better financial decisions in life. It’s not money that’s the problem; it’s often our relationship with cash at the root of the problem. Financial results begin with healthy beliefs and healthy habits. Together, we’ve got this.
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Employee well-being is critical to your organization’s bottom line. And it’s no longer just their physical well-being that must be considered. Employees who are stressed about their current or future financial situations won’t bring their “A" games to work every day.
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Financial Wellness isn’t just a buzzword and is here to stay. It is a critical component of success for organizations and their people. We always seek professionals of various shapes and sizes to leverage our proven and unique offerings for everyone’s benefit.
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Channel Partners

Would your people and the organizations to which they belong benefit by having access to this kind of financial wellness experience? Probably so, and we love serving those who serve others. Learn how we can support you in providing life-changing financial wellness programs on any budget.
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When individuals lack financial wellness, everything is affected—personally and professionally. Those people are stressed, worried, and distracted at the workplace, in their friendships, and at home with their families.

Meet our Executive Director
Since 2008, organizations of all sizes, all over the globe, have been engaging Brent to deliver his uplifting and inspiring message of financial wellness to their people. Whether your audience comprises organizational leaders, employees, or professionals wanting to up their financial wellness coaching skillset, Brent brings the credibility and expertise as only the Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Financial Wellness can do.

More importantly, the energy and positive influence Brent creates has attendees leaving his talks buzzing. As you will likely hear him say, “Education without action, is of little value.” If you’re looking for a professional speaker to inspire positive change in your audience, Brent will make you look like a hero for bringing him in.
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