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Half of Americans are embarrassed to ask for help with their finances. The great majority desire to make their own financial decisions but want someone in authority to guide them. You have the experience and credentials to choose investment tools and market your services, but are you providing the education and guidance your customers crave to make their own decisions? In every industry, professional certification distinguishes the masters of the practice and leads to more business.

of clients expect their financial professional to be their financial planner.


of clients want financial coaching from their financial professional.


of clients desire therapy from their financial professional.

With all of these expectations, wouldn’t you like a certification that says you can not only meet these expectations but can empower your clients to take on some of these challenges themselves?

Certification Program

Certified Financial Wellness Professional
•   Gives Financial Professionals Financial Wellness Education and Standards to Incorporate into Their Practice
•   Provides Financial Professionals with Tools Necessary to Assist Customers with Achieving Financial Wellness

Curriculum Features

Modules and courses in this program include:
Welcome (15 Minutes)
Background & Expectations
The Foundation for Financial Wellness advocates for financial professionals, the financial industry, and all the clients they serve. Today, financial wellness is a very new and exciting industry that is rapidly growing. As such, it is desperately in need of a standard of excellence. The Foundation has built a robust and heavily researched certification to answer the need for a market standard. Our mission is to re-educate the marketplace on what is and is not Financial Wellness.
“Financial Wellness Professional displays an understanding of Financial Wellness fundamentals.”
Financial Wellness Standards (12 Minutes)
Financial Wellness Standards
This course provides an overview of the Foundation for Financial Wellness, our services, and our philosophical approach to learning and financial wellness.
“Financial Wellness Professional knows definition of Financial Wellness.”
Financial Wellness & Behavior Change (4 Hours)
Health & Organizational Culture in the United States
Learn how our nation’s approach to health educates and influences individuals and communities as part of the overall US health culture.
Identity, Esteem, Thoughts, and Behaviors
How we see ourselves and how we think others see us plays a role in our identity, esteem, thoughts, and actions. Key topics include individual competencies, self-esteem, self-efficacy, thought barriers, and behavioral readiness.
FFW Puts the “Wellness” in Financial Wellness
Meaning, happiness, and a deep sense of satisfaction are vital in living a high-value life. The Foundation incorporates these concepts in our education, activities, ongoing memberships, and programs.
Financial Wellness & Health Esteem Techniques
Real-world techniques are available to improve an individual’s likelihood of success in building healthy behaviors and increasing health esteem. Learn how the Foundation applies well-being techniques to identify priorities, define goals, design a path of success, and ultimately take steps to achieve your goals.
“Financial Wellness Professional develops an understanding of current wellness trends domestically.”
 “Financial Wellness Professional effectively identifies the nature of an individual’s motivation.”
“Financial Wellness Professional understands the disparity between Financial Wellness and Financial Illness.”
“Financial Wellness Professional delivers instruction on how to be financially healthy.”
Financial Wellness Counseling & Coaching (4 Hours)
The Mindset Shift
The business world has always been interested in the possibility of improving human performance. At times in its history, business leaders have been particularly attracted to exploring how to improve human performance through psychology. Today, business coaches assist and guide professionals in running their businesses by helping them clarify their visions and how they fit in with their personal goals. This type of coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business professional wants it to be.
The Coaching Alliance
It’s time to consider what we call our “Personal Financial Coaching Wellness Foundation”. Although your individual foundation will evolve with each client interaction - it is worth putting thought into what this is going to look like on the front end. Remember, the coach is also on a journey. As you build your own personal foundation, your level of empathy and understanding will increase.
Assessment and Exploration
All content thus far supports an organized system that we refer to as Wellness Mapping 360. This system has been designed to support clients throughout the entire Wellness Coaching process. The Wellness Mapping 360 process starts with the initial coach and client contact and continues until long-term positive habits are formed which can stand the test of time.
The Financial Wellness MAP
The next phase of Wellness Mapping 360 is the construction of the Personal Financial Wellness Map. You can think of it as the plan that you and the client build and execute. This is where the fun begins, as a large component of the MAP is action-based. During the MAP stage we teach templates that allow you to manage various areas of focus. You’ll also have the FFW fintech software that can help you keep score on financial metrics as well as manage behaviors that support the progression of the client’s financial wellbeing.
Clear and Measurable Outcomes
We begin by addressing measurable outcomes and conclude by pulling the previous modules together in summary form. Financial Wellness is a lifelong journey. However, there are various destinations along the trail. By setting goals and associating measurable outcomes with them, we can make sure that we’re on track and enjoy the success of accomplishment as we progress.
“Financial Wellness Professional understands the theoretical model for behavior change.”
“Financial Wellness Professional fosters relationships with customers that create an alliance.”
“Financial Wellness Professional understands and applies best practice techniques during client exploration.”
“Financial Wellness Professional delivers clear instruction on Wellness Mapping.”
“Financial Wellness Professional sets clear, definable goals during education experience.”
5 Essentials for Financial Wellness (3.5 Hours)
Thought Barriers to Financial Wellness
Individuals have a set of attitudes, values, and beliefs regarding money, both positive and negative. Learn how to examine your beliefs, adjust your mindset, and establish a personal philosophy around money management and personal growth.
Essential 1: Budgeting, Savings, & Debt
Decide to take a step toward to financial wellness by building a budget. We give you the tools necessary to gather all the information you need to learn about your current financial position, and then determine how best to improve that position over time.
Essential 2: Getting Started
Learn how to progress from creating your budget to determining if you are ready to invest. Then, understand some of the basics of investing, such as how you can align your purpose with a plan and various options available to you to grow your nest egg for retirement.
Essential 2: Investing – Retirement
You have the fundamentals of investing and you have the right thoughts and behaviors. Let’s figure out how to turn that into the retirement of your dreams. Identify your retirement income need, create your retirement budget, and understand sources of retirement Income. We’ll help you determine if there’s a gap between what you’ll need and what you’ll save. Finally, learn how to protect your precious nest egg.
Essential 3: Risk
Now that you know more about building wealth, you’ll learn how to protect the wealth you’ve created. This module answers the four biggest questions asked to financial advisors: What if I get sued? What if I become sick or hurt? What if I die too young? What if I need long-term care?
Essential 4: Taxes
Learn about one of the most preventable threats to wealth building - taxes. Many people do not realize that taxes play a key role during our retirement years. We look at a variety of strategies to keep more of your money in investments versus limiting your returns and paying penalties to good old Uncle Sam.
Essential 5: Life & Legacy
Learn about the 3 stages of life and how each of these stages builds upon one another during your transition into retirement while creating a powerful legacy after your death. We discuss not only how to protect your wealth, but also how to protect your family during the transitions of life and beyond.
“Financial Wellness Professional asks necessary questions for client’s internal reflection.”
“Financial Wellness Professional effectively teaches clients best practices for budgeting and saving.”
“Financial Wellness Professional effectively teaches the fundamentals of investing.”
“Financial Wellness Professional strategically links the short-term and long-term goals for each client.”
“Financial Wellness Professional recognizes the potential risks for clients and gives them the tools and knowledge handling the unknown.”
“Financial Wellness Professional knows and uses multiple strategies for tax education in all stages of investing.”
“Financial Wellness Professional prepares individuals to create a powerful legacy after their death.”
Financial Wellness Facilitation (4 hours)
Case for Financial Wellness Recorded Webinar
Participants gain access to a recorded webinar of this presentation to see firsthand how it was designed to be delivered for highest impact. Improving clients’ lives becomes much easier when you educate.
Living Financially Well – Presentation Training for Facilitators
Living Financially Well is a “Lunch & Learn” style presentation that is designed for Financial Wellness Facilitators to deliver an introduction to financial wellness while still offering actionable items that are proven to improve lives. You don’t have to be a financial guru to deliver this presentation. What you do need to be is a good facilitator who cares about others’ wellbeing.
“Financial Wellness Professionals equip and inspire individuals to confidently make the care for implementing financial wellness programs in their lives.”
“Financial Wellness Professionals effectively learn how to train and coach others to live financially well.”
Financial Wellness Education (5 Hours)
Financial Education to Financial Wellness
For many individuals, financial distress impacts all aspects of wellness. This wreaks havoc on our focus and productivity, our motivation, and even undermines our relationship with family, friends, colleagues, and our employer. The Foundation’s programs apply modern wellbeing and behavior change concepts to help Financial Wellness professionals motivate and educate their clients.
Promoting Your Financial Wellness Program
Promoting & marketing your financial educational programs and services deserves considerable consideration and dedication. Rarely do clients show up on your doorstep asking to engage. Having high-quality marketing and promotional strategies help in building and strengthening a professional reputation with prospective clients. Resources in this course include email campaign design, social media, digital marketing, traditional physical marketing collateral, blog posts, recorded expert interviews, and direct referrals from the Foundation.
Program Design – Best Practices
Developing a scalable set of best practices for a Financial Wellness professional doesn’t have to be learned the hard way. No matter your business model (entrepreneurial, nonprofit, financial services, corporate, academic, faith-based, etc.), the core principles are the same. The Foundation will help you build the financial wellness model that puts you in the best position to scale your program and expand your impact.
Effective Education Delivery & Professional Speaking
Effective education delivery is won or lost in the preparation. This component of the Financial Wellness Professional training digs deep into the psychology, the art and science of persuasion and influence, adult learning theory, and the tactical tools of setting expectations that generate results. From preparation to delivery to follow up, utilize the know-how and the tools we have spent thousands of hours developing and implementing in the field.
“Financial Wellness Professional effectively communicates the need for behavior changes to effectively motivate and educate clients.”
“Financial Wellness Professional knows and uses multiple promotional strategies to encourage individuals to participate in a financial wellness program.”
“Financial Wellness Professional knows and uses multiple tools and techniques for keeping groups engaged in the work and interacting.”
“Financial Wellness Professional effectively prepares for and delivers the program in an informative and educational manner.”
Financial Wellness Professional Certification Exam
Upon competing this training and exam, you will have access to a variety of offerings in the Financial Wellness Professional membership. This robust membership includes ongoing education, live events and podcasts with experts, blogs, and interactions with other members, and a community of like-minded professionals at your fingertips.

Take the first step to achieving your Certified Financial Wellness Professional status.

1 Certification
$2,500 per certification
5-20 Certifications
$2,245 per certification
21+ Certifications
$1,945 per certification

Statistical Source – 2020 Natixis Global Survey of financial Professionals 

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