The 5 Essentials for Financial Wellness

The 5 Essentials for Financial Wellness

Essentials 1: Take Back Control – Load Bearing Principles for a Lifetime of Financial Wellness

Purpose: Develop healthy behaviors, and a solid foundation with a budget, savings, debt management and credit.

Key Topics include: Behavioral Finance; Budgets, Savings & Emergency; Cash Reserves; Debt and Credit

Essentials 2: Protect 1st, Grow 2nd – Develop a Strong Foundation for your Core Investment Philosophy

Purpose: Protecting your hard-earned dollars and designing your savings path for nest-egg growth.

Key Topics include: Types of Risks; Beneficiaries; Investing

Essentials 3: Get Clear, Make Decisions and Take Action! Time to Build and Execute

Purpose: Assessing retirement needs and wants, planning, preparing, and spending your retirement money while keeping Uncle Sam at bay.

Key Topics include: Laying the Groundwork for Building Wealth; Identifying Key Financial Targets; Identifying and Managing Risk

Essentials 4: Retirement and Taxes – Keeping Uncle Sam off your Retirement Payroll

Purpose: Making healthy decisions that prevent unnecessary tax impacts and leverage taxes to your advantage during retirement.

Key Topics include: Taxes- Gaining Perspective; Lifetime Tax Stages; Leveraging Taxes to our Advantage

Essentials 5: Creating Legacy – Being values-driven for your most meaningful impact

Purpose: Preparing for your retirement transition, developing your estate plan, providing for family and legacy, and sharing with others.

Key Topics include: The Transition into Retirement; Developing your Estate Plan; Creating Legacy

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