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Video by Brent Hines transcribed below.

Well, the reason for this conversation today is this set of programs that we are building and will be rolling out in the very near future that are intended for the needs of people living in retirement communities and their loved ones.

From the start, the Foundation's purpose has been to improve life skills, and oh yeah, that includes money skills!

As we said prior in our conversation that the six dimensions of wellness, there's no getting away from money. There's no getting away from- If we're talking about financial, wellbeing, that cannot live in a vacuum. It must live in collaboration with, and integration with all the other components of living well.

We are a 501c, a not for profit. We feel that's a differentiator and important to where organizations, communities, we got our start in the employer space, so HR professionals would bring us in to teach employees. We began in reaching out into affinity groups and associations, many churches, faith-based organizations, to come in and really help people with that total wellbeing approach of improving their relationship with money.

Our goal from the start has been to improve lives, and we can do that through our knowledge and know-how of helping families do better with their money by changing their thinking and beliefs and relationship with money, and then defining what are the things that really need to be done, & aligning those with their values and their goals, then talking about- Okay, great. Now how do we carry that out?

So not starting on the other end of the spectrum, let's talk about financial products- What's a stock, what's a bond, what's an annuity, what's a mutual fund? We feel like that is starting on the wrong end of the equation.

As we have been having more and more conversations with professionals AND families who are in the retirement living communities, it seems pretty obvious now, it's more than just the property, or more than just the building. It's about, truly, that community and being an anchor, or a safe place to come and learn without the fear of being sold, some kind of financial product or service. Not to throw the financial professionals under the bus, but I don't blame an operator for not bringing in the local financial adviser. There's just too much liability of the perception that you're endorsing them and all of that. We really feel like we're going to fill a big void here and just be a blessing to people inside of these communities and to the communities themselves that want to add value to their residents and the families around them.

Just having a better financial footing is better quality for everyone's life.


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