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Video by Brent Hines transcribed below.

So why did we choose to get inside of the retirement community, if you will, as a marketplace? Well, the easiest answer is it's being underserved.

The folks that are in that space right now tend to either be financial services, just trying to advance their career or build their book of clientele as good hearted as they may be, you just can't change the fact that they're showing up with their firm name on their shirt It's difficult to remove that non solicitous, unbiased, no endorsement whatsoever approach that we take. Because we're a nonprofit, we can do that.

We're there to teach, and we're there to help create healthy behavior changes. And financial stress comes in all shapes and sizes. So, people who are living in these retirement communities, even though they may be demographically age wise down the scale, down the road a bit, the stress and their needs and the questions and the education that they're really looking for and the healthy behavior change that needs to happen to improve lives- it's going to be all over the board.

We're building a series of topics from, of course, the things you might expect around a retirement investment portfolio or retirement income planning- we call it “Dancing with Uncle Sam”. It's a set of classes on taxes and not overpaying in taxes today, and/or in the future. We have a class that we love called “Executor Bootcamp,” and the idea behind this class is it's either you as the estate holder or you as the named Executor- it's going to speak to both parties.

These are oftentimes really awkward conversations to have alone or ourselves.

To have a trusted nonprofit come in with expertise in this area and facilitate conversations that otherwise aren't being had at all or being discussed very awkwardly is of extreme value. And then, of course, a set of topics that we're teaching called “Life and Legacy” and all things, not just estate planning from wills and trust and powers of attorney, and that sort of thing, of course, that's important- but [we discuss] all the less tangible items as well.

Again, being the “Sherpa” in that conversation, being that facilitator, and giving people a framework to have conversations and make really good decisions, create some order, have some conversations that they weren't going to have otherwise- you can just see relationships strengthen and again, healthy behavior change happening. People making decisions to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones, oftentimes their adult children. It's just in our DNA and our culture. We love to help. We can laser focus on these issues for this stage of life that they're in. Again, financial matters, financial wellbeing is much more about behavior than it is about the X’s and O’s of finance. And if you want to really understand and master the behavior, you got to take a step back and look at what's happening between our ears, our relationship with money, how we think about these things and just having this outside energy source come in with a template to talk through.

These matters are just extremely helpful and something that we can't wait to bring into the market.


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