It’s not just you. Most people have stress caused by finances.​

Everybody wants a sense of financial wellness. Just like physical and emotional wellness, financial wellness is crucial to overall health. Our membership plans allow you to try our valuable free resources and upgrade your wellness journey to the premium level.​

Americans that felt better about their finances just one year after setting a specific financial goal.1


Reduction in the savings gap between genders for women who have undergone a financial wellness program.2


People are embarrassed to ask for help with finances.3


People want guidance with financial decisions. 3

Program Features

A Foundation Membership will unlock the following essential tools:​
•   A core membership unlocks basic program elements and samples.​
•   A premium membership grants full access to every tool.​

It’s time to improve your life!
Start your journey to financial wellness today.​

"My Foundation membership changed my life. Before joining, I could never pay my bills and had no savings to speak of. I now sleep better at night knowing that I have a plan and am getting my financial house in order.."

Charlie H.
Account Manager, Indianapolis, Indiana

1 – 2018 Lincoln Financial Group Survey
2 – 2017 Center for Retirement Research at Boston College Study
3 – 2021 PricewaterhouseCoopers Employee Survey

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