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Video by Brent Hines transcribed below.

Hi there. I'm Brent Hines, Cofounder and Chief Development Officer for the educational nonprofit, Foundation for Financial Wellness. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3). We're headquartered here in the Denver, Colorado, area. We have been delivering our classes, our counseling, and our coaching literally across planet Earth for over ten years now.

So you might ask, well, what is financial wellness, exactly? What does that mean?

Financial wellness is not a financial product. It is not a financial service. Financial wellbeing is a journey literally through our entire lives. There's no getting away from money and our relationship with all things money.

We're the financial wellness partner of the National Wellness Institute. They've been around for decades, and they’re a gold standard in the wellness space.

NWI has a model that they call the six dimensions of wellness. It is a great illustration of someone's total wellbeing. Their six dimensions are:

  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

As you think through each of those six, there isn’t one of those that lives free of financial wellness impacting that dimension either positively or negatively. Money runs throughout our entire life, from youth until our last day on Earth. It must be addressed. If it's not being addressed, that includes our relationship with money, then it may be running amok.

So, this literally impacts, we refer to as all ages and stages through life. It's personal, often it's the stages of someone's young and just getting started. They may need to get rid of some debt. They need to learn how to harness income. They need to learn how to begin saving. They need to get a mindset around. How can I empower others with my ability to handle money well and have a really healthy relationship with money? What about all of those insurances in life? Which of those apply to me, don't apply to me? How about retirement planning, investments, my 401K, brokerage accounts, mutual funds annuities, stocks, bonds, all of that component when we're saving, accumulating, and building more wealth so that someday when the income spigot gets turned off, we then begin living off of our savings and maybe our employer retirement plan and then maybe Social Security benefits.

Financial wellness is impacting us literally throughout all of our phases of life, even into those end phases where we refer to those phases as the Life and Legacy classes that we teach. I love living on that end of the spectrum because you really get to see people be introspective and look back on life and think about what legacy that they want to leave. And rarely does that mean, "How much money can I leave my loved ones?" There's so much more to it than that.

So, who should engage with the Foundation for Financial Wellness? Anyone interested in improving their relationship with money, blessing others with how strong of a relationship that they might have, or maybe just people who are ready for defining their values, defining their purpose, their financial purpose in life, and then building a plan that is in alignment with those values, and those goals, and that Life and Legacy that they want to leave.


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