The Legacy Resource Center

Building Your Legacy Plan

Your trusted resource for building your legacy.




You have peace of mind that in the end, your loved ones aren’t left with questions or burdens.

The Legacy Resource Center


Life & Legacy

• Build & Grow a Life Well Lived

• “Define & Align”

• Purpose—Planning–Portfolio

Executor’s Bootcamp

• Develop an end-of-life plan

• Facilitating the important conversations to develop
a thoughtful and comprehensive end-of-life plan

Executor’s Resource

• A trusted advisor when it’s time to settle the estate

• A trusted resource for all things related to carrying
out a loved one’s Legacy Plan


Personal Counseling is included as a continuation of our Classes.

It’s private and all about YOU and your questions. Whether you’re just beginning to think about the legacy you’d like to leave, or if you have the responsibility of settling an estate, you can bring your questions, documents, and conversations to a trusted advisor.

Our Certified Financial Wellness Counselors® are

• Trained and experienced in various disciplines within financial services.

• Willing to answer any and all questions related to life and legacy planning

• Proficient at providing counseling for all ages and stages

Collection Vault: Everplans

Life and legacy planning takes you beyond the finances and insurance policies to also focus on the important everyday details you need your loved ones to know. The first and most important thing to know is that Everplans is easy and provides a step-by-step guide through your life and legacy.

• It helps you organize your vital documents and final wishes.

• It walks you through legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions and gets to the heart of your final wishes.

• Everplans offers secure storage so you can safely save all your information in one, convenient place. It’s like an electronic safety-deposit box.

• Everplans lets you designate “deputies”—friends, family, other beneficiaries or advisors who have access to all or some of your information.