Financial Wellness Professional Certification Program Competencies


• “Financial Wellness Professional displays an understanding of Financial Wellness fundamentals.


Financial Wellness Standards

• “Financial Wellness Professional knows definition of Financial Wellness.


Financial Wellness & Behavior Change

• “Financial Wellness Professional develops understanding of current wellness trends domestically.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional effectively identifies the nature of an individual’s motivation.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional understands the disparity between Financial Wellness and Financial Illness.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional delivers instruction on how to be financially healthy.”


Financial Wellness Counseling & Coaching

• “Financial Wellness Professional understands the theoretical model for behavior change.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional fosters relationships with customers that create an alliance.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional understands and applies best practice techniques during client exploration.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional delivers clear instruction on Wellness Mapping.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional sets clear, definable goals during education experience.”


5 Essentials for Financial Wellness

• “Financial Wellness Professional asks necessary questions for client’s internal reflection.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional effectively teaches clients best practices for budgeting and saving.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional effectively teaches the fundamentals of investing.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional strategically links the short-term and long-term goals for each client.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional recognizes the potential risks for clients and gives them the tools and knowledge handling the unknown.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional knows and uses multiple strategies for tax education in all stages of investing.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional prepares individuals to create a powerful legacy after their death.”



Financial Wellness Facilitation

• “Financial Wellness Professionals equip and inspire individuals to confidently make the care for implementing financial wellness programs in their lives.”

• “Financial Wellness Professionals effectively learn how to train and coach others to live financially well.”


Financial Wellness Education

• “Financial Wellness Professional effectively communicates the need for behavior changes to effectively motivate and educate clients.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional knows and uses multiple promotional strategies to encourage individuals to participate in a financial wellness program.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional knows and uses multiple tools and techniques for keeping groups engaged in the work and interacting.”

• “Financial Wellness Professional effectively prepares for and delivers the program in an informative and educational manner.”

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