Employee Financial Wellness Adds to Employer Bottom Line

Helping employees...

Everybody wants a sense of financial wellness. Just like physical and emotional wellness, financial wellness is a key facet of overall health. FFW offers turn-key Employer Programs that provide your company the opportunity to positively affect the financial wellness of your employees. 

Healthy employees are more productive employees.

Americans that say finances are the top cause of stress in their lives.1


Yearly company loss in productivity per employee due to financial stress.2


Absenteeism reduction from employees who participate in a company-sponsored financial wellness program.3


Annual employee healthcare cost savings after participating in a company-sponsored financial wellness program.4

Program Features

This Employer Program unlocks essential tools:

Offer your employees this life-changing experience.

For as low as $2/employee, you can change lives.

"The program was a huge success, and the Foundation for Financial Wellness played a critical role in making that happen. I would recommend working with the Foundation for Financial Wellness to other organizations looking to implement financial wellness activities for their employees and families."

Emily M.
Human Resources, County Government

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