Financial Wellness Educator

Why… would someone become a Financial Wellness Educator?

A Certified Financial Wellness Educator is typically someone whose business is retirement and financial planning. As a Certified Financial Wellness Educator, you will have access to the marketing resources and robust curriculum available through the Foundation for Financial Wellness. These will add value to your offerings at your current employer client base or will be the differentiator that will open doors for new business opportunities.

What… are the benefits of being certified through the Foundation for Financial Wellness?

The Foundation for Financial Wellness is recognized as a leading provider of financial wellness programs. The Foundation’s mission is to improve people’s lives by empowering them with the knowledge and motivation to take control of their financial futures. The Foundation’s curriculum is rooted in the principles of Behavioral Finance which makes every class taught by the Foundation unique, engaging, and extremely valuable.

Certified Financial Wellness Educators will receive the following:

  • Foundation for Financial Wellness marketing material
  • Knowledge gained by completing the 5 Essentials of Financial Wellness eLearning class
  • Curriculum for delivering the “Living Financially Well” Lunch & Learn
  • Curriculum for delivering the “Case for Financial Wellness” webinar/seminar
  • Ability to offer free 1:1 financial counseling with our Certified Financial Wellness Counselors to participants of all Foundation for Financial Wellness courses you deliver
  • Access to Wealth Management Network (for qualified financial advisors only)
  • Access to all 24 Instructor-led courses


What… is the agenda?

The Case for Financial Wellness

  • A Picture of Financial Distress
  • Impact on Organizations and Communities
  • A New Approach: Financial Wellness

5 Essentials for Financial Wellness

  • Complete all 5 Essentials as a Student

Lunch & Learn Training

  • How to Deliver the Lunch & Learn version of the 5 Essentials for Financial Wellness

Sales & Marketing of Financial Wellness Programs

  • How to Promote the Foundation for Financial Wellness
  • Learn Effective Sales Techniques

Business Model, Operations and Workflow

  • A Look Back – 10 Years of Lessons Learned
  • Financial Wellness Business Models
  • Class Coordination
  • Pre & Post-Class Workflow

5 Essentials for Financial Wellness as an Educator

  • Essential #1 – Behavior, Budgets and Busting Debt
  • Essential #2 – Risk and Insurance
  • Essential #3 – Investing and Building Wealth
  • Essential #4 – Understanding Taxes
  • Essential #5 – Life & Legacy

Effective Professional Speaking

  • Behavior and Neuroscience
  • Audience Engagement
  • Process Orchestration

What… is the cost of becoming a Financial Wellness Educator?

  • Time:
    • 5 hours of Financial Wellness Facilitator, interactive eLearning
    • 3 hours of Financial Wellness Educator, interactive eLearning
    • 60-minute online exam
  • Effort: Your buy-in, commitment and focus to be a champion of the Financial Wellness movement
  • Dollars: $1,495 fee ($500 annual renewal)
    • If you have already earned the Financial Wellness Facilitator certificate, your reduced cost for the Educator certificate will be $820

How… it Works

Step 1:  Click the Apply Here button below to submit your application

Step 2:  Receive an approval e-mail from us with an invoice. Submit payment for the training.

Step 3:  Once invoice is paid, you will receive your login details and instructions on how to access your eLearning!

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