Programs for Individuals and Families

Programs for Individuals and Families

5 Essentials of Financial Wellness

Enroll now in our online, intuitive, and self-guided online course.

The program provides Focus in three key areas

 1. Establishing a structure for savings

To look at cash flow and set up short-term savings for unexpected and emergency needs

2. Prioritizing a path for debt reduction

To get a handle on debt issues and prioritize what matters most

3. Creating a plan for a retirement nest egg

To educate attendees on proven-to-work, investment principles and reducing risk



The course consists of five, one-hour self-guided online courses. Each participant will receive worksheets specifically designed for each course.


Each participant will have the opportunity (optional) to meet for a private, one-hour counseling session with a trained and Certified Financial Wellness Counselor (CFWC®).

Legacy Resource Center

Courses + Counseling + Collection Vault


Life & Legacy: Define and align your Purpose-Planning- Portfolio for a well-lived life.

Bootcamp: Facilitating the important conversations to develop a thoughtful
and comprehensive end-of-life plan.

Executor’s Resource: A trusted resource for all things related to carrying out a loved one’s Legacy Plan when it’s time to settle the estate.


Personal counseling is included as a continuation of our courses. It’s private and all about YOU and your questions. Whether you’re just beginning to think about the legacy you’d like to leave, or if you have the responsibility of settling an estate, you can bring your questions, documents, and conversations to a trusted advisor.

Collection Vault:

An Everplan is a secure, user-friendly, digital archive which guides you step-by-step to collect, store, and share your most important information – taking you even beyond the financial statements and insurance policies.


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