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Offer Public Courses and 1:1 Counseling to Your Members
You can change the lives of your members. Lower their stress. Set them up for success. And we can help you do it. Individual well-being is critical. And it’s no longer just their physical well-being that must be considered. If people are stressed about their current or future financial situations, they won’t bring their A games to work or life every day. The Foundation for Financial Wellness will conveniently provide you and your members’ financial wellness resources at your bank, church, or community place.

We’re not only the financial wellness provider for NASA, we help people across the nation with our in-person and online financial wellness courses. We present the unbiased facts and are not product peddlers—there’s never any selling at the end of our classes.

We teach real-world techniques so people can take control of their financial lives. We educate your members on financial matters, but we don’t stop there. Our goal is to foster behavior change that improves financial wellness, not just spew out statistics and vocabulary lists.

As part of our wellness program, each participant is able to schedule a 1-to-1 Q&A session with one of our Certified Financial Wellness Counselors (CFWC®) to delve into strategies to solve their unique challenges.

After a training session with the Foundation for Financial Wellness, your members will walk away with:

  • •Correct and customized financial information
  • A sense of relief and a plan of action
  • The opportunity for a 1-on-1 session with one of our Certified Financial Wellness Counselors®

Bottom-Line Benefits

We solicit feedback after every course. We develop custom benchmarks with you so you know what your members value about our training. You will reduce their emotional anxiety about finances, but that’s just one of the benefits to our financial wellness courses. Here are a few more:

91% found private counseling sessions helpful


67% had improved health & well-being

39% had less work absenteeism




36% had improved work productivity


Financial Wellness Programs for Community Partners

5 Essentials of
Financial Wellness

Enroll now in our online, intuitive, and self-guided online course.

The program provides Focus in three key areas

 1. Establishing a structure for savings

To look at cash flow and set up short-term savings for unexpected and emergency needs

2. Prioritizing a path for debt reduction

To get a handle on debt issues and prioritize what matters most

3. Creating a plan for a retirement nest egg

To educate attendees on proven-to-work, investment principles and reducing risk



The course consists of five, one-hour self-guided online courses. Each participant will receive worksheets specifically designed for each course.


Each participant will have the opportunity (optional) to meet for a private, one-hour counseling session with a trained and Certified Financial Wellness Counselor (CFWC®).

Legacy Resource

Courses + Counseling + Collection Vault


Life & Legacy: Define and align your Purpose-Planning- Portfolio for a well-lived life.

Bootcamp: Facilitating the important conversations to develop a thoughtful
and comprehensive end-of-life plan.

Executor’s Resource: A trusted resource for all things related to carrying out a loved one’s Legacy Plan when it’s time to settle the estate.


Personal counseling is included as a continuation of our courses. It’s private and all about YOU and your questions. Whether you’re just beginning to think about the legacy you’d like to leave, or if you have the responsibility of settling an estate, you can bring your questions, documents, and conversations to a trusted advisor.

Collection Vault:

An Everplan is a secure, user-friendly, digital archive which guides you step-by-step to collect, store, and share your most important information – taking you even beyond the financial statements and insurance policies.

Library of 24
Select Courses

Custom build a full financial wellness program for your employees.

The Foundation’s 24-course curriculum of Building Blocks and Life Phases provide a roadmap to guide you through custom building the program for your company.

We encourage you to follow this roadmap as you expand your awareness, deepen your knowledge, and build new skills on your journey to financial wellbeing. Contact us for the full brochure and list of classes.

Life Phase 1: Start and Save – From Under Water to Solid Ground

Life Phase 2: Grow & Protect

Life Phase 3: Retirement – Enjoy and Preserve

Life Phase 4: Legacy – Share with Others

How to get Started

Not sure how financial wellness fits into your overall employee wellness strategy?

That’s ok – financial wellness is kind of a new thing – but here’s some info to help you. Financially unwell employees are stressed and not as productive or profitable for the employer as they can be. Their stress may lead to health issues. Want the stats and research? We have a plethora of data – ask and we will send it to you.

Why work with the Foundation for Financial Wellness?

Our financial wellness program is built on a wellness chassis – built on trans-theoretical adult-learning theory and behavior change modeling. That means our transformational program gets results! We are a 501(c)3 and our programs are non-solicitous, low cost, and turnkey!

How does the program work?

Start with 5 Essentials of Financial Wellness, offered ONLINE or IN-PERSON. 5 courses, one hour each, offered in English and Spanish, and each participant may partake in a 1:1 financial wellness counseling session.

Then, choose from the select 24 course curriculum to expand your financial wellness offering, and if you’d like, offer the Legacy Resource Center as an employee or employer paid benefit.

One on one financial wellness counseling is included.

Each participant (online or in-person) receives a 1:1 financial wellness counseling session with our Certified Financial Wellness Counselors (CFWCs). This is where REAL change starts to happen!

Online courses available.

ONLINE classes are intuitive, interactive, and engaging; participants navigate by answering questions specific to them! It’s built on a wellness chassis because it requires their attention and engagement throughout (whereas other platforms may just let a video play in the background). Great for large employers or those with remote employees.

In-person courses available.

IN-PERSON courses, hosted at your location(s), are taught by our Certified Financial Wellness Educators (CFWEs). We recommend 10 (min) – 35 (max) participants per course. Program fees are very reasonable and fit into most budgets.

Legacy Resource Center

As an optional employer or employee paid benefit, we offer Life & Legacy planning courses and an online estate organization tool, a “vault” for their wills, POAs, trust documents, where investments are held, medical information, usernames / passwords to social media, bank accounts, credits cards, and other online accounts.

They can outline their dying wishes and funeral plans – even upload videos / photos to be passed down.

LRC courses and counseling are specific to how to leave a legacy, end of life issues, dealing with loss, medical expenses, and financial stressors from the death of a loved one.

Library of Select 24 Courses

After you complete the 5 Essentials of Financial Wellness and/or the Legacy Resource Program, our program director will review the feedback forms from each employee.

Together, we pick and choose additional financial wellness courses that will meet their specific needs and continue to drive behavior improvement that helps your bottom-line and their overall financial health well-being.

Our growing list of select and specialty courses meets your employees at their specific age and stages of life.

How do you get started?

On the fence? Take us for a test run – get a brown bag lunch & learn, 60 minute version of the 5 Essentials of Financial Wellness at no cost to you.

Ready to get started? Contact us for pricing and availability in your area.

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