All FFW Educators and Counselors have passed our certification.

We seek to ensure consistency and quality in all of our classes. To become a Certified Financial Wellness Educator (CFWE®) or Certified Financial Wellness Counselor (CFWC®) a qualified individual must complete our training curriculum and pass the associated exam.

To qualify, candidates must be independent practitioners with a minimum of five years’ experience in the fields of wellness, investments, insurance, tax planning, and/or law. Once certified,  educators have annual continuing education requirements, and undergo extensive background checks to verify professional conduct and ethics.

All FFW educators are practicing professionals in the fields of wellness, finance, tax and/or legal. Our Board of Directors monitor and enforce the bylaws of FFW. These bylaws ensure that all classes taught by FFW educators are done so in a non-solicitous and effective environment.

Much of the curriculum delivered is proprietary to FFW, but our educators are also credentialed to teach curriculum created through various other educational organizations. Having this consortium of educational providers and classes allows FFW to offer customized classes that meet the needs of our students in all employer environments.

The creation of FFW came from the vision of our founders who were all successful professionals from diverse backgrounds including wellness, business consultants, financial planning, group benefits, human resources, professional coaching, and legal. The need for non-solicitous, quality financial education where behavior changing concepts and disciplines are instilled was clear.

Prior to formally creating FFW, a small group of instructors were delivering classes from the educational providers that now make up our consortium inside of some of our country’s most impressive employers and organizations including NASA, Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Honeywell, TX Workforce commission, United States Department of Defense and many others.

For years, these educational offerings were very well received but were missing the common thread of a governing board and set of operating & procedural guidelines. The Foundation for Financial Wellness was organized, an impressive Board of Directors was assembled and bylaws were drafted. Organizations of all sizes can rest assured that quality education is being delivered in professional and consistent manner.

Certified Financial Wellness Educator (CFWE®) +

Certified Financial Wellness Counselor (CFWC®)

The Certified Financial Wellness Educator (CFWE®) and Certified Financial Wellness Counselor (CFWC®) designations are awarded by the Foundation for Financial Wellness through its Governing Board of Directors.

The CFWE® and CFWC® designation is awarded to those individuals who:

  • Have experience in Financial Services, corporate wellness, or related fields
  • Attest that they will adhere to the FFW Professional Code of Ethics and Practices and to the bylaws of FFW
  • Complete required Financial Wellness educator training
  • Demonstrate classroom skills in adult education, the delivery of Financial Wellness curricula and one-on-one financial counseling
  • Successfully complete a comprehensive certification exam
  • Agree to maintain and increase professional competence by delivering a minimum number of Financial Wellness courses or one-on-one counseling sessions per year

Board of Directors

As an independent body, the FFW Board of Directors oversee the development and promotion of the competencies and standards for the CFWE® and CFWC®. The Board acts in the public interest by partnering with certified Financial Wellness professionals to disseminate financial wellness standards designed to improve financial planning education and through the design and delivery of a rigorous training and certification program for Financial Wellness educators and counselors.

Code of Professional Ethics and Practices

The code of Professional Ethics and Practices of the Foundation for Financial Wellness articulates professional and ethical standards for recipients of the CFWE® and CFWC®. These standards establish the professionalism and code of conduct expected of the professionals who are awarded the designations. The Foundation’s Code of Ethics includes:

  • Advance and uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in order to ensure the integrity and advancement of the Foundation for Financial Wellness and established Financial Wellness principles.
  • Adhere to the FFW policies, curricula, and standards of effective adult education to foster optimum results for participants.
  • Respect the integrity, promote the welfare, and maximize the freedom of choice and informed consent of all students.
  • Respect and protect the privacy of students and customers when gathering, recording, storing and sharing confidential information.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest.
  • Demonstrate commitment to maintaining professional competencies by completing required ongoing professional development training.

Instructor Certification

The certification process for CFWE® and CFWC® is critical to the quality, integrity, and successful outcomes of Financial Wellness education. The Board of Directors of the Foundation for Financial Wellness has established a set of requirements for the certification process that includes:

  • A minimum of 5 years experience in Financial Services, corporate wellness, or a related field.
  • Completion of the Financial Wellness Certified Educator or Certified Financial Wellness Counselor program which includes training in the Financial Wellness curricula, adult learning and behavior theories, and the competencies and skills needed to effectively deliver the Financial Wellness curricula and counseling.
  • Successful classroom demonstration that shows mastery of the Financial Wellness curricula and desired adult teaching skills monitored by FFW either live or as a recorded video.
  • Successful completion of the CFWE® and CFWC® comprehensive certification exam.
  • Completion of approved continuing education courses each year in Financial Services related topics.*
  • Payment of required renewal fee to FFW.

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