Adjustable to suit any organization.


The Foundation offers a variety of educational opportunities to suit any worksite. Most of our classes are one hour in length and may be selected per your preference. Classes are customizable to incorporate your benefits information and ensure proper integration of educational information across a variety of financial topics.

Classes (On-site/Web-Based):

  • FW101: Financial Wellness: Thoughts & behaviors around money
  • FW102: Self-directed Financial Wellbeing: Footsteps to your future
  • FW103: Financial ABC’s: A little math & a whole lot more
  • FW111: Busting Budget Myths & Building My Savings Plan
  • FW113: Debt Free For Life
  • FW121: Using Credit: An important part of your financial plan
  • FW201: Managing Risks: Identify, assess and prevent
    financial loss
  • FW212: Maximize Your Investments
  • FW301: Retirement: Plan & Save Part 1
  • FW302: Retirement: Plan & Save Part 2
  • FW311: Retirement & Taxes Part 1
  • FW312: Retirement & Taxes Part 2
  • FW313: The Retirement Transition: Moving into tomorrow
  • FW321: Estate Planning: Being an Executor


Private Counseling Program

Counseling is available in-person or remotely via our online counseling system.

• In-person Counseling:

Available at most worksites or in your local area. In-person counseling days and times will be listed on the class schedule provided at your worksite.

Remote Counseling (provided via webinar):

All you need is a computer and a telephone, our counselors do the rest! This is an excellent opportunity to include a spouse in the counseling process.

Example counseling topics:

– Setting financial goals
– Establishing a budget and emergency cash needs
– Developing a debt elimination plan
– Protecting your assets with insurance strategies
– Maximizing your investments
– Preventing unnecessary tax impacts
– Planning for retirement and estate planning
– Preparing for a major transition

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