The Foundation for Financial Wellness is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote financial wellness in the workplace through a behavior-based curriculum. Using a national network of Certified Financial Wellness Educators (CFWE®), it delivers financial wellness education courses in an objective, non-solicitous manner.

We provide employees with knowledge to help them better understand company benefits, basic financial management and more complex financial planning concepts.  Our courses include (but are not limited to):

  • Fundamentals of Wellness 101 & 102
  • Debt Free for Life
  • Investment Education
  • Retire With Confidence
  • Maximize Your Investments
  • Tax Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • College Education Planning
  • Preparing for Transition

… and more. We work continually to update our curriculum, bringing new topics to our library of classes. We work closely with organizations to develop customized curriculum that is current and relevant for employees.

Our Instructors

The foundation’s Certified Financial Wellness Educators are independent practitioners with a minimum of five years’ experience in the fields of wellness, investments, insurance, tax planning, and/or law. Each instructor has completed our specialized training in financial wellness and has passed a mastery-level exam to ensure competency in financial planning. Instructors have annual continuing education requirements, and undergo background checks to verify professional conduct and code of ethics.

How it Works

The Foundation builds and maintains curriculum that is rooted in human behavioral principals that inspire and empower students to “take action” and “implement”.  Education without action is merely entertainment. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t have access to financial education that is taught by a trusted resource.  Instead, they are left with the option of attending a solicitous dinner-seminar, enrolling in classes at a local college, buying a self-help book or worst of all, ignoring the problem and doing nothing.

For years, corporate America has seen the positive results of having well-run employee wellness programs. Financial Wellness is a critically important component to employees’ overall wellness and until now, many employers just haven’t had the resources to properly address the need for combining personal finance with wellness.

The Foundation’s classes are most often taught at the workplace and are comprehensive in nature including the review and the implementation of the group benefits that an employer offers.  Employee engagement, utilization of group benefits and an increased appreciation of the employer-provided group benefits are a reality when classes are delivered.