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The Foundation for Financial Wellness is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote financial wellness in the workplace through a behavior-based curriculum.

We develop customized curriculum

Using a national network of instructors, we deliver financial wellness education courses in an objective, non-solicitous manner.


We provide employees with knowledge to help them better understand company benefits, budgeting and basic financial management.

Our Courses Include

Fundamentals of Wellness 101 & 102, Debt Free for Life, Investment Education, Retire With Confidence, Maximize Your Investments, Tax Strategies, Estate Planning, College Education Planning, Preparing for Transition


Our system is tailored to providing organizations with a comprehensive employee wellness program

Taught By Certified Instructors

The Foundation’s classes are most often taught at the workplace and are comprehensive in nature including the review and the implementation of the group benefits that an employer offers.

Why Financial Wellness Matters.

In today’s economy, as more and more people worry about their personal finances, organizations are seeing the degree to which employees who are “financially unwell” are negatively impacting the bottom line.

Studies show that personal financial distress can result in lost productivity, absenteeism and even health issues.

Conversely, employees who enjoy peace of mind regarding their personal finances are more inclined to be happy, productive associates who transfer the quality of their employment experience into everything they do.

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